Whitby Community League Hall
Hall Number: 780-542-3994
Site 421,Box 1, Comp 7
RR#2, Drayton Valley, AB, T7A 2A2

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Welcome to the WHITBY COMMUNITY HALL website!

whity hall

   Whitby started out as a school from 1911 - 1947. Then the community turned it into a community hall. In 1963 Whitby Hall was incorporated under the name Whitby Community League. This hall has always been run by community volunteers and still is. Our members work really hard to keep our hall clean and respectable for you to enjoy.

Our hall has a table seating capacity of 330 people and a chair seating capacity of 500 people for meetings or conferences.

Our hall is equiped for weddings, reunions, funerals, conferences...

Our kitchen is large and equiped with commercial equipment.

Our hall can be decorated simple or elegant and it looks beautiful either way.

We have 5 foot round tables and grey and burgundy chairs.

We have taken a few pictures for you to view under the PHOTOS section, please enjoy.

Please view our webpage, if you have any questions please call Shawna McGinn or Barb Gabrielson ( Contact informaion under Booking Contacts).